Building unbreakable bonds

Create lasting behavior change built upon mutual trust and respect.


You love your dog. You’ll do what it takes to make sure he is happy and healthy. Part of your job is to learn to “Speak Dog”. It’s easier than you might think. 


To give your dog the best possible life, you need to know you can trust him. Trust that he won’t jump on people, act out, drag you around, or run away if he slips your grip.

Mutual Respect

Building an unbreakable bond starts with respect. Your dog must respect you as his  handler, but you need to respect your dog as well. Help him make the right choices.


Gain confidence, and relax knowing your dog will listen every time, not because you force him, but because he wants to.

Imagine what it would feel like, knowing you could trust your dog no matter what environment you were in. When was the last time you took your dog on an excursion to the Farmer’s Market, or out for a leisurely lunch at a cafe? Never?

It’s time to make a change.


PILB # 2095F

Do you feel like your dog is hopeless?

You love your dog. And you’ve tried. But no matter what you do, it seems as though you aren’t getting through.

You see those perfect dogs, the ones the owners never give a second thought to. And you think to yourself, “I’ll never have that!”

Well, now you can. What are you waiting for?


PILB # 2095F

Getting results isn’t as hard as it seems.

You don’t have to invest hours upon hours training every day. In fact, getting results and lasting behavior change can happen in just minutes.  

Let us show you how.

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PILB # 2095F

Regain Control and Confidence

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Teach your dog to listen, every time


Create a companion who wants to work with you


What Our Clients Say

Spike was untrainable until Las Vegas K9 Training. The only advice we got from other trainers was to put him to sleep. They were our last hope. Spike spent 6 weeks with Terri and Humberto and was changed into a loving, wonderful, obedient dog. They are the best hands down!!! I want to thank Las Vegas K9 Training for everything they did. I highly recommend them.

Jennifer Hartman
and Family

Humberto and Terri helped turn our crazy Belgian Malinois puppy (who thought she was her own boss) into an obedient protection dog. She came back a whole new dog! Not to mention we got a Rottweiler from them who had been previously trained by Humberto. And wow! No words. Our Rottweiler is such an amazing obedient dog. If you’re looking to train your dog with trainers who genuinely love their job and who care about your dog’s success, Las Vegas K9 training is the one for you. They’re simply the best of the best!

Axel and Erika

We are so pleased with Las Vegas K9 Training. Our dog Bailey who is a 1 year old Golden Retriever came home ready to help my daughter Mia! She was transformed from a crazy dog who would chew on everything, jump on every guest, and would pull and bite on her leash while on walks! I’m happy to say Bailey is very well trained all of her bad habits were eliminated. Bailey now serves my daughter as her service dog. They’re the best of friends. We wouldn’t be able to do this for Mia if it wasn’t for Las Vegas K9 Training who changed Bailey for the best. Thank you so much!!


Let’s talk. And let’s work together to create a plan.

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It’s time to build the relationship you’ve been dreaming of and finally take control of your dog’s behavior. You owe it to your dog. Let’s create a plan together.