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Leading the Pack in Protection and Friendship

All our dogs are 3rd party certified, trained to be well behaved and in control in public spaces even if off their leash. They are very social with people and non reactive towards dogs. All have been provided health testing and OFAS completed by DR.Yach at West Flamingo Animal Hospital. We’ve tested their agility with jumps such as hurdles, walls, A-frames, and cards.

Protection work include barking on command, handler contact, along with real world scenarios that require independent intervention, and on command. Our dogs are also trained to hold or release an attacker on command.

Meet Evel

A Belgium Malinois of unmatched determination and loyalty stands as a stalwart protector with an unwavering commitment to safeguarding his loved ones. Trained to perfection, Evel sharp instincts and unwavering focus make him an invaluable asset in ensuring the safety and security of those under his watch.

Meet Perun

Meet Perun, the German Shepherd with a heart of gold and a spirit as boundless as the horizon. With a gentle demeanor and unwavering loyalty, Perun epitomizes the perfect blend of companion and protector, ready to stand by your side through every adventure and challenge life brings.

Meet Drago

Trained protection dog whose commanding presence and unwavering vigilance make him a formidable guardian. With years of specialized training and a keen instinct for danger, Drago stands ready to defend his family with unparalleled loyalty and dedication

See Some Of Our Training In Action

Paws & Progress:

LV K9 Training Protection Dogs

We primarily specialize in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, renowned for their exceptional protection abilities. However, we also offer a wide selection of other breeds upon request, including Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Giant Schnauzers, and more. Each of our protection dogs undergoes a meticulous selection process based on their social skills, drives, trainability, and, importantly, personality. Our goal is to ensure that they not only excel as protection dogs but also serve as perfect companions for our clients. Every dog is carefully chosen and personally trained by our Master Trainer and founder, Humberto Bobadilla, along with our dedicated training team.

In today’s world, owning a Personal/Family protection dog has emerged as an invaluable asset for enhancing safety and security. With numerous advantages over traditional security devices, a protection dog seamlessly integrates into your security system, offering an added layer of defense. It’s imperative that we take proactive measures to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones. The reality is, we often don’t anticipate needing protection until we find ourselves in a situation where it’s indispensable.

Paws & Promise:

LV K9 Training Variations

Explore the remarkable array of training tricks and positive behaviors exhibited by our selection of protection dogs for sale. At our training facility, we pride ourselves on meticulously selecting and conditioning each dog to excel not only in protection duties but also as loving companions. From impeccable obedience to astute threat detection, our dogs undergo rigorous training under the guidance of our experienced team led by Humberto Bobadilla.

All of our protection dogs have received many different types
of training such as:

  • Crate trained 
  • Car etiquette
  • Off leash advance obedience
  • Heel off leash
  • Bicycle heeling
  • Food refusal
  • Change of positions at distance
  • Service dog like training
  • Bark command off leash
  • Attack at distance off leash
  • “Out guard” command at distance off leash
  • “Out come” command at distance off leash
  • Many Advance Protection Scenarios

Certified Canine Good Citizens:

Elevating Training Standards with AKC Certification

Experience the gold standard in canine training with our AKC-certified Canine Good Citizen program. Every dog trained by us undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the highest standards of obedience and behavior

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