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Private Coaching Sessions

Elevate your dog’s training experience with our personalized Private Coaching Sessions. Receive one-on-one attention from our expert trainers as they tailor each session to address your specific goals and challenges. Whether you’re working on obedience, behavior modification, or specialized skills, our private sessions provide the focused guidance and support needed to achieve lasting results.

Tailored Training Solutions

Our Tailored Training Solutions cater to individuals seeking targeted behavior modification or specialized, personalized training for their canine companions. Our private sessions are designed to address specific needs and goals, providing focused attention and guidance from our expert trainers. Whether you’re tackling obedience challenges or honing advanced skills, our comprehensive approach ensures that every dog receives the individualized training they need to thrive.


Bad Behaviors


Personal Protection Training

Dectection (Drugs, Explosives, Etc.)

Ecollar Introduction

Sport Training

Nose Work

See Some Of Our Training In Action


A single session cost $200, $450 for three sessions, and $780 for six sessions.

  •  The new dog owner that wants to raise a puppy with the best training
  • If you want to learn to train your own dog and you have the time to do it
    everyday at home
  • If you have been training your dog but you reach the limit you can do on
    your own, we can help you to reach the next level
  • if you are a dog trainer and need some help with any subject like clicker, E-collar, protection work or you have a client’s dog that is a little bit more challenging and wants to add some techniques to your toolbox.
  • Yes, bring his favorite treats, toy(s) and equipment that you usually use, if
    you have train him, if not we have everything, we may need. Also bring
    your dog hungry and full of energy

Sure but the time will split in both and sometimes having a second dog
doesn’t allow the first one to pay attention but sometimes it is
recommended to bring the second dog if the problem is only when both
are present

  • Absolutely Not. We won’t charge extra, still the same one hour for us and
    we want to help as much as possible.

The session is private. So only you, your dog and the trainer but we count
with our dogs to help in the sessions if your dog needs other dogs.

  • The four weeks is just like the 6 weeks, but without the 5 group
    sessions and without working the dog in public areas which is what
    we do the last 2 weeks in the 6 weeks program, also we don’t
    promise the off leash control socialization, they’ll gain the skills and confidence to navigate any situation with ease.
  • Usually the sessions take place in our a/c heated training room but also
    count with our 1.5 acre fully fenced grass field if needed and we also can
    do the sessions in your own home (ask for pricing)

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